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Bia. Female. 22. Hungarian. College Student. Aquarius. Nice. Shy. Photoshop freak.

Fandoms. Gilmore Girls (Rory/Jess.); My So-Called Life (Angela/Jordan); The Black Donnellys (Tommy/Jenny. Tommy/Kevin.); One Tree Hill (Lucas/Peyton. Haley/Peyton.); Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair.); Roswell (Max/Liz. Michael/Maria.); Pushing Daisies (Ned/Chuck.); Greek (Cappie/Casey.); BTVS/Angel (Willow/Oz. Cordy/Doyle. Buffy/Angel.); Friends (Chandler/Monica.); American Dreams (Chris/Meg.); Across the Universe (Jude/Max. Jude/Lucy.); Moulin Rouge (Christian/Satine.)

Celebs. Jared Leto. Alexis Bledel. Jim Sturgess. Lauren Graham. Anton Yelchin. Ewan McGregor. Joe Anderson. Sam Riley. Jonathan Tucker. Milo Ventimiglia. Hilarie Burton. Chad Michael Murray. Bethany Joy Galeotti. Scott Michael Foster.

Music. 30 Seconds To Mars. Aqualung. Ash. Augustana. Billy Talent. Brand New. Butch Walker. Damien Rice. Dirty Pretty Things. Foo Fighters. Hedley. Hoobastank. James Morrison. Jet. Jimmy Eat World. Johnossi. Last Shadow Puppets. Lifehouse. Oasis. Placebo. Plain White T's. Quietdrive. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Snow Patrol. Stereophonics. Sugarcult. The Academy Is... The All-American Rejects. The Fray. The Hives. The Kooks. The Moog. The Pink Spiders. The Spill Canvas. Turin Brakes.


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