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Picspam: Top 5 most underrated Literati scenes
RJ♥ {gg} ● still three shy

Top Five most underrated Literati scenes;;

Number Five: "Tuxes are also James Bond. That's not geeky." ~ Keg!Max! (3.19)
This scene is definitely one that gets overlooked by the huge mess this episode is but it's like a warm breeze before the storm hits. Not much going on in the scene, nothing important but it still made it on my list because this gives us a good idea of how their relationship was, how things went between them off-screen when we couldn't see what's happening.

Number Four: "The picture's good. It's the people who are stupid." ~ Richard in Stars Hollow (2.12)
Another one of those scenes which we tend to forget about, at least those of us who haven't re-watched the season so much that it's embarrassing to admit. Nothing life changing happens, basically it's just one of those "Jess doing something that will piss the town/Taylor off and amuse/benefit Rory". But it's still important. Why? Because it proves Rory and Jess are not over. She still owes him that eggroll!!! Kidding. Kind of.

Number Three: "You knew I'd wanna read it. You're a book tease." ~ Swan Song (3.14)
This one is also not a scene that's mentioned much. And that's a shame. Because this finally gave us what we all missed so much, what didn't happen since season two. They talk about their passion, books. And he calls her a book tease, that's like the sweetest nickname ever.

Number Two: "He was right. Everything he said. All those things about you and me." ~ They shoot Gilmores, don't they? (3.07)
What an important scene, right? You'd be surprised how many fans forget about it. It is underrated. When fans talk about their favorite scenes, not many of them will mention this one. I'm talking from experience. And it deserves to be remembered. This is where they confess their love for the first time and Rory and Jess: The early years begins.

Number One: "Commit to it one more time and if it still is awful for you, I will make it up to you." ~ A-Tisket, A-Tasket (2.13)
I never hear anybody talk about this scene. Why is that? It's like their sweetest scene ever. Rory just made up with Lorelai after their huge fight about Jess. Everything goes back to normal. You would expect she calls her boyfriend to make things right. She dials. And Jess picks it up. Wow! "Rory and Jess sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..." She totally has feeling for him. It's confirmed. And I could just eat up their awkward selves.

Agree? Disagree? Which scene do you think deserves more attention?

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JEEZ LOUISE, I got SO EXCITED when I saw this on my flist.

I definitely agree with this list, though one of my favourites is the scene where Lane calls them an "old agoraphobic couple". Oh my God, I DIE every time.

I absolutely agree. That's my all-time favorite Lit scene but that's not underrated imo because everyone loves/remembers it because of the 22.8 miles thing.

Well, that's true. Still a great scene.

And wonderful picspam too! I really love the colouring.

Number one is one of my favorite literati scenes ever, that's the scene that made me fall in love with them. The "Okay I'm gonna hold you to that" line gets me every time.
Number two is also one of my favorite, it is such an underrated scene and I don't even know why because that's THE moment : their relationship becomes official, they finally admit they have feeling for each other.

Anyway, great picspam !

awww, beautiful picspam and what a beautiful idea!
I totally agree with all the scenes, especially with #3 and #5.
In my opinion other scenes that deserve more attention are:
.the one of my (your xD) beautiful avi <3
.this one from epi 3.10 when Rory and Jess arrived at Luke's
Btw I love all their little moment together, when they hold their hands or when when they look at each other *___*

Edited at 2009-10-29 12:03 am (UTC)

Omg I totally agree about #5 and your reasons for it. #4 just because it's another example of their friendship and conversation, which is really all you need. I'm not really in love with #2 -- found it kinda underwhelming -- but "Well he was right about me, now GO AWAY!" always makes me giggle; quite the way to declare romantic feelings. And I dunno who underrates your top choice, but I have long adored it, for similar reasons to #4. Poor #3, I can't think of much to say for it but that it's cute. =D

I can't comment on the scenes because I don't know about them LOL but I can say the coloring is great as usual. I really love what you did with the 4th sequence, it looks gorgeous.

Awwwww I love you so much right now!
These are some really great scenes, I think.
Personally I've always thought the kiss from "Keg!Max!"(the one at the party) was one their best moments(and also the whole"Sad boy, what's wrong?" speech gives me shivers every time I watch it.
And you'll be surprised to find out how unnoticed/underrated is among literati fans.

Another scene that comes to mind is Jess confronting Rory about her new life on "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out", not really a literati scene, but speaks volumes on the whole Logan/Rory relationship, which I've always found weak.
I also loved that bit when he wishes her happy B-day, I think It's heartbreaking.

GREAT spam <3

I'm amazed the "He was right" scene is underrated! That's by far one of my favourites — I mean, it's the official beginning for those two. :D
Thanks for sharing! This picspam was lovely, and I love Rory and Jess...

This is so beautiful and awesome. These scenes are beyond adorable and ones that get completely lost in the wake of their other scenes.

I love this more than words can say.

The scene on the dock in "They shoot Gilmore, don't they" is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Whenever he says "he was right" AHH I just squee in happiness!!

I think the scene in New York is worth mentioning. But I don't disagree with the scenes you listed so its maybe more of a top 10 thing.

Love the picspam, too! I'm impressed with how many images you managed to use for each scene. Do you mind if I ask where you get your screen caps or do you make them yourself? Since the closing first of opposites-are-polar, and now home of the nutty, I am severely lacking in GG caps!

They are just the cutest couple ever. From the moment I first saw him I knew he was my pick for Rory. <3 Literati forever!

Thanks for your kind words!

About the caps: for this picspam I made the caps myself but when I'm feeling lazy, I just go to blurred-photographs for RJ caps. I'm so sad that home of the nutty is closed off. I used caps from that site a lot too. Now it's really hard to find GG caps on the net. Maybe you can check this Lauren site for Lorelai caps and this site has some great HQ caps. I can't think of any other good sites. Maybe the best is if you make your own caps.

AHHH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL & CUTE!!! some of my favorite scenes, not going to lie :) amazing work!

Aw, I love those scenes too. My favourite is #2. I believe I told you that before.

Btw, I sent you a PM a few days ago, but you never replied. I hope it wasn't a weird message you chose to ignore. :)

So I saw this last night on my iPod when I got home from going out and I wanted to comment but I was waaay to lazy/tired to boot up my laptop :P but dude this is SO well done! I don't remember all of these moments because I've only watched the entire series one time through and not many like you have (hehe) and that was a couple of years ago. But I love this theme, like the 'underrated scenes', it's SO creative! the colorings on all the parts are gorgeous as well. Now you are making me want to go and get out my GG dvds to watch the episodes again :P

Amazing work bb ♥ ♥

Lovely picspam! I actually re-watched 2.13 and that scene stuck with me. It's so true, you would think she calls Dean to make things right but who does she call? Jess! Haha, love it.

Number Three is definitely one of my favourite scenes. "You're a book-tease!" - adorable! :D

Aaah, this is so amazing. The book tease scene is definitely one of my favorites ever and I'm surprised many people forget about it.

Oh and definitely agree on number 1.

Aww that picspam is AWESOME!!!! <3

I love the "book tease" scene. One of my favorites ever. And their phone conversations (all of them, "A Tisket, A Tasket", "Lorelai's Graduation Day", "Swan Song", "Those Are Strings, Pinoccio"..)

I think the umbrella scene from "There's the Rub" is pretty underrated as well.
But, even though it's probably just meant to function in a comedic way with Jess wanting to tease Luke, I still think there's more too it. It's like some symbolic "I'm there for you, I'll protect you, you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-e-e-e".

(Deleted comment)
Your coloring is so pretty! I loved this!

I love GG but I'm not exactly a Literati shipper, but still, awesome picspam!

Hát erről megint nem kaptam értesítést, csak halkan jegyzem meg, lol. Amúgy meg... NAGYON JÓÓÓ! Az első helyezett nálam tán abszolút kedvenc, szóval nem is tudom, hogy mások hogy nem szokták emlegetni, de tény, hogy nem szokták, észrevettem én is. Annyira természetes az egész és alatta a la la zene. *sóhajt*

Oh I so agree with you about #1. She calls Jess! "I'm glad you called."

gosh, i love every single scene with them and i adore your picspam! <333

Ohhh I love this. Especially number 1. I LOVE that scene! <3

Another scene I love is towards the end of "Teach Me Tonight," when Luke finds Jess on the dock, and he goes, "I made sure she was okay." And Luke says, "I know you did."

It gets me every time. He cared about her so much. :(

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