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Picspam: Top 5 most underrated Literati scenes

Top Five most underrated Literati scenes;;

Number Five: "Tuxes are also James Bond. That's not geeky." ~ Keg!Max! (3.19)
This scene is definitely one that gets overlooked by the huge mess this episode is but it's like a warm breeze before the storm hits. Not much going on in the scene, nothing important but it still made it on my list because this gives us a good idea of how their relationship was, how things went between them off-screen when we couldn't see what's happening.

Number Four: "The picture's good. It's the people who are stupid." ~ Richard in Stars Hollow (2.12)
Another one of those scenes which we tend to forget about, at least those of us who haven't re-watched the season so much that it's embarrassing to admit. Nothing life changing happens, basically it's just one of those "Jess doing something that will piss the town/Taylor off and amuse/benefit Rory". But it's still important. Why? Because it proves Rory and Jess are not over. She still owes him that eggroll!!! Kidding. Kind of.

Number Three: "You knew I'd wanna read it. You're a book tease." ~ Swan Song (3.14)
This one is also not a scene that's mentioned much. And that's a shame. Because this finally gave us what we all missed so much, what didn't happen since season two. They talk about their passion, books. And he calls her a book tease, that's like the sweetest nickname ever.

Number Two: "He was right. Everything he said. All those things about you and me." ~ They shoot Gilmores, don't they? (3.07)
What an important scene, right? You'd be surprised how many fans forget about it. It is underrated. When fans talk about their favorite scenes, not many of them will mention this one. I'm talking from experience. And it deserves to be remembered. This is where they confess their love for the first time and Rory and Jess: The early years begins.

Number One: "Commit to it one more time and if it still is awful for you, I will make it up to you." ~ A-Tisket, A-Tasket (2.13)
I never hear anybody talk about this scene. Why is that? It's like their sweetest scene ever. Rory just made up with Lorelai after their huge fight about Jess. Everything goes back to normal. You would expect she calls her boyfriend to make things right. She dials. And Jess picks it up. Wow! "Rory and Jess sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..." She totally has feeling for him. It's confirmed. And I could just eat up their awkward selves.

Agree? Disagree? Which scene do you think deserves more attention?
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