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Picspam: The colors of Alexis Bledel
Hunter {actor} ♥ blond prince

OMG this is SO PRETTY! ♥ i love this theme, and i love the photos. i really love when Alexis has straight hair and side swept bangs, it's so gorgeous. i love this theme! i think she looks the best in blue, it brings out her eyes.

love and miss youu!!!! ♥

Ugh, flawless. This is beautiful ♥

omg she's soooooo beautiful *___*
I love her.
add to my memories ;)

So beautiful! That's a great idea for a picspam, i never realized she wore so many blue dress! It makes her blue eyes shines!

I miss you babe!!!! Gah, a lot! I hope you're doing good, i read your last entry, university suck sometimes! LOL Love you!

SONIA!!!!! Is that really you? Wow, I haven't seen you around in months (but it feels like years). How are you doing? I had no idea you're still hanging on the internet. I'm totally sending you a PM at FF as soon as possible. Miss you!!!

this is gorgeous! I love her style.
I'm so memming this.

This is beautiful. Thank you for doing it! =)

what a cool concept! alexis is so gorgeous.

Alexi is TOO pretty *___*
Love her in blue and red ♥
Great picspam :)

Gorgeous spam!
I especially love her in blue <3

EPIC picspam! This is incredibly creative, beautiful, and absolutely sublime ♥

Sometimes I forget just how gorgeous she is, but it's honestly striking when I'm reminded. It's almost an ethereal beauty. I love the way you did this!

Gorgeous picspam<3
she's so beautiful! I love her♥

She is sooo gorgeous! Love it! :))