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Picspam: Colors of Rory&Jess
Lit {gg} ♥ New York

Made for challenge 12 at picspammy. Caps used from Blurred-Photographs and some of my own.
Sadly, it didn't turn out as pretty as I would have wanted to but oh well... I tried. So enjoy. :)

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This ... this is just gorgeous. Breathtakingly gorgeous.

The cascading colors are almost like a waterfall of different angels and contrasting colors and different sparks of color that burst through each indivual picture. You did an absolutely wonderful job with it. And I lov ehow out of sequence it is. It's a mess of mismatched events of their lifes to a backdrop of a colorscehme which, in some freaky way sort of explains them to a certain degree.

I sort of love how it drops in and out of night and day. Maybe that wasn't intentional but it flows in waves of different sort of tones from daylight to a darker more rustic almost blue-night feel. It's wonderful.

You've captured some really unique angels and some different perspectives from the way you've cropped the photographs, which in itself adds a certain punch to it's already outstanding beauty. It's disconnected almost to the point where it's joint by the seams. Maybe it's just the Lit love piecing it all together. XD

You captured each scene wonderfully. Each moment different from the other and the colors you used are magnificent.

Now I'm just rambling.

It's lovely.

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