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Picspam: Franklyn trailer
Hunter {actor} ♥ blond prince

Finally watched it last weekend and I loved it a lot. It was nothing like what I expected. The trailer is very, very misleading so those who expect a fantasy thriller/comic book kind of thing will be disappointed or maybe not. I'm actually glad it wasn't what the trailer suggests it to be since I'm not really into fantasy. I loved how this film made me go WTF?! after every single scene till we reached the middle of the film when the puzzle pieces slowly started to fall into place. The big finale was great, although I was expecting something much more epic. Gonna shut up now, just to not spoil it for anyone who's interested in the movie. I definitely recommend it.

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Whoa, a Ryan movie!? OMG what is this about??? It looks so confusing yet interesting! :P

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