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Picspam: Jess&Rory {gg}
Lit {gg} ♥ New York

2.13: A-Tisket, A-Tasket: Jess/Rory picnic scene picspam

JESS: Where do you wanna eat?
RORY: Don’t care.
JESS: Okay.
RORY: Where are you going?
JESS: Thought you didn’t care.
RORY: I’m not jumping in the lake.
JESS: No underwater dining, got it.
RORY: Now what?
JESS: Now we sit.
RORY: Here?
JESS: Yup.
RORY: On the bridge, that’s where we’re gonna eat?
JESS: Yup.
RORY: Okay.

JESS: Yeah, I like this place.
RORY: Wow. A place in Stars Hollow you actually like. I’m stunned.
JESS: It’s got some good memories. You see right over there?
RORY: Yup.
JESS: That’s where Luke pushed me in.
RORY: Huh.
JESS: Yeah.
RORY: It’s nice.
JESS: It is.
RORY: So why’d you do it?
JESS: Do what?
RORY: Outbid Dean like that.
JESS: I don’t know. I guess it started as a joke just to bug him, but then he just got so mad, you know? And he is so tall, and I just was looking at him and he’s standing there all tall and mad and I just... I don’t know. It was... it was really funny.
RORY: It wasn’t funny.

JESS: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t intend to do it. Does that make you feel any better?
RORY: I just don’t wanna be in a fight with Dean.
JESS: I’m sorry about that. You wanna push me in the lake? It’s cathartic, I hear.
RORY: Hm, maybe in a little.
JESS: Whatever.

JESS: So why don’t we open this thing?
RORY: Go ahead.
[Jess opens the picnic basket]
JESS: Wow. Not one thing in here that I would remotely consider eating.
RORY: Well, I didn’t make it for you. I made it for Dean.
JESS: And Dean would’ve eaten this? [holds up a container]
RORY: Yes, he would have.
[Jess tastes a forkful of the food and makes a face]
JESS: Dean is an idiot.
RORY: Dean never would’ve fallen for that.
JESS: Ah, ha ha.

RORY: Ten.
JESS: Ten?
RORY: Yeah but I didn’t understand a word of it, so I had to reread it when I was fifteen.
JESS: I’ve yet to make it through it.
RORY: Really? Try it. The Fountainhead is classic.
JESS: Yeah, but Ayn Rand is a political nut.
RORY: Yeah, but nobody could write a forty page monologue the way that she could.
JESS: Okay, tomorrow I will try again, and you will...
RORY: Give the painful Ernest Hemingway another chance. Yes, I promise.
JESS: You know, Ernest only has lovely things to say about you.
RORY: Why are you only nice to me?
JESS: Excuse me?
RORY: An hour ago you were totally screwing with Dean and now you’re totally nice to me.
JESS: You see, it’s the screwing with Dean - that’s an important step to getting here so that I can be nice to you.

RORY: So it was a plan.
JESS: What?
RORY: The whole bidding on my basket, it was a plan.
JESS: Okay, I’m officially starving.
RORY: And officially evasive.
JESS: Come on, I’ll get you a pizza.
RORY: Answer my question.
JESS: Do you like pepperoni?
RORY: Not going to, are you?
JESS: We can just get it on half if you want.

RORY: Okay, I give, let’s go.
JESS: If you insist.

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I've said it many times before, but it never hurts to say again: JESS FOREVER. I will always, always love him most of all.

This scene is adorable! Actually, this whole episode is. And the first two caps of them here are two of my favorite caps in any TV show ever. They're so beautiful. I love that they bond about books so quickly, that they have more in common than they thought. Sigh. I think it's about time for a S2 and S3 rewatch.

Great picspam! :)

Completely agree! He is definitely my favorite character in the show. <3
I absolutely love those caps too. It's like a painting or something.... picture perfect.

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