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Picspam: Tommy/Kevin {tbd}
Hunter {actor} ♥ blond prince

TBD 1.02: A Stone of the Heart - Tommy/Kevin picspam

KEVIN: We should go back. I think somebody saw me.
KEVIN: I don't know. It's just a feeling.
TOMMY: So we should go back and be seen in order to make sure that nobody saw us?
KEVIN: You don't have to use sarcasm on me.
TOMMY: Kevin, nobody saw us.
KEVIN: What about the parking lot guy?
TOMMY: We're five blocks away.
KEVIN: Yeah, but he nodded at me.
TOMMY: So we should kill him?
KEVIN: No! No, of course not! ... I mean, unless you think we...
TOMMY: Kevin, stop! Breathe.

KEVIN: Tommy, I hate shopping.
TOMMY: How close were you to those two guys when you shot them?
KEVIN: A few feet.
TOMMY: Which means you got blood on your clothes whether you can see it or not.
KEVIN: So I'll change and burn them.
TOMMY: And when someone remembers what you were wearing? And they ask you where those clothes are?
KEVIN: I thought you said no one was gonna ask.
TOMMY: How much money you got?
KEVIN: A couple bucks.

TOMMY: Make sure the sensors are at the bottom.
KEVIN: Where the hell do you come up with this?
TOMMY: Science class. You see why you should pay attention?

TOMMY: Make sure the ink part's face down.
KEVIN: Got it.
TOMMY: And you got enough tin foil around it.
KEVIN: I got it, I got it. ...Damn.
KEVIN: I'm telling you, Tommy...
TOMMY: Kevin, will you stop worrying? It's gonna be ok.
KEVIN: I can see the ink.
TOMMY: Are you wearing two jackets?
KEVIN: How do you mean?
TOMMY: You are! I told you we had to get rid of what we were wearing.
KEVIN: Yeah, but it's my favorite one.
TOMMY: Throw it out right now!
TOMMY: What are you staring at, Kevin? Kev! ...Damn it, Jimmy!

KEVIN: You wonder why we have to keep buying new stools.
TOMMY: I should've known Jimmy was too messed up to take care of anything. Now we gotta get rid of a body in broad daylight?
KEVIN: Okay, so we'll wait till tonight.
TOMMY: Yeah, you're right, Kevin. 'Cause the smell of a rotting body is not gonna attract any attention. Let's wait.
KEVIN: Again with the sarcasm. I'm getting sick of it, Tommy.
TOMMY: I mean, how could he just dump it there? What the hell is he thinking?
KEVIN: Come on, where would you put it?
TOMMY: Not in the dumpster behind the bar, Kevin!
KEVIN: Okay, so where?
TOMMY: I don't know. How many bodies you get rid of before?
KEVIN: Hey, what about the landfill? I mean, we could sneak in, put him under some garbage, they'd bury him for us.
TOMMY: The landfill on Staten Island?
KEVIN: Yeah.
TOMMY: So what, we just take a ferry, just the three of us?
KEVIN: Okay, we stuff him in a furnace.
TOMMY: Our furnace?
KEVIN: No, of course not, somebody else's.
TOMMY: Oh, you know someone with a furnace large enough for a body?
KEVIN: Well, I'd have to think about it. ...How about a tub full of acid?
TOMMY: Kevin, stop making suggestions. You're really freaking me out.
KEVIN: Okay, we can bury him.
TOMMY: Oh, you know a place in the city where we can bury a body?
KEVIN: Jersey. I know a place.

TOMMY: What's in that bag?
KEVIN: Nothing. Hey. Hey.
TOMMY: This is the ransom money.
KEVIN: You think? Give it back, Tommy. Give it back.
TOMMY: What the hell is wrong with you? You think you can just bail Jimmy out and suddenly he's not gonna be the guy who got us into all this crap? You wanna forget the fact he shot Louie?
KEVIN: How many people did we shoot last night?
TOMMY: Because of Jimmy! I'm not gonna argue with you, either. We don't have enough time because we gotta go clean up another one of Jimmy's messes.
KEVIN: Look, there's 30 grand in there. We could bail Jimmy out with five.
TOMMY: You don't get it, do you? We're screwed here.
JOEY: Hey, you guys take off, I'll watch everything.
TOMMY: Where the hell did you come from?
JOEY: What? I been here the whole time. Don't worry, mum's the word, lips are sealed.
TOMMY: You pay for that beer?
JOEY: Yeah, probably.

KEVIN: Psst. Tommy. Pony car?
TOMMY: We're not going for a joyride, Kevin.
TOMMY: Get in, I'll grab him on this end.
KEVIN: You get in.
TOMMY: I'm driving.
KEVIN: Yeah, what's that got to do with anything?
TOMMY: You don't get in, I don't drive. Let's go.

KEVIN: Damn, the stench of him. I feel like it's in my skin. Drive faster.
TOMMY: And get stopped for a ticket? Smart. Did you lock the door at the back of the bar?
KEVIN: While you were berating me or while I was digging a corpse out of the dumpster?
TOMMY: Oh, that's sarcasm, isn't it?
KEVIN: Don't make me laugh, I'm pissed at you.
TOMMY: You're pissed at me?
KEVIN: Damn straight.
TOMMY: Are you sure we're going in the right direction?
KEVIN: I'm sure.
TOMMY: How you know about this place?
KEVIN: Jake Macey. Used to steal cars and drag race out here. It's right by the swamp, no one around for miles. It's perfect.
TOMMY: This is it?
KEVIN: Yeah.
TOMMY: This is the abandoned swamp with no one around for miles and miles?
KEVIN: Last time I was here, yeah. It's not like you had a better plan.

KEVIN: Yeah, now who's stupid, huh? You couldn't get a bigger barrel?
TOMMY: They don't make bigger barrels. Come on.
(Rumbling. KEVIN shoots at the body.)
TOMMY: What are you doing?
KEVIN: It's alive!
TOMMY: Where did you get that?
KEVIN: How many guns did Jimmy have at the bar, huh?
TOMMY: Come on, grab his legs again.
KEVIN: No, no. Not until I know he's dead.
TOMMY: He's dead! That was just gas escaping from his body.
KEVIN: Then why did you jump?
TOMMY: Because you did. We need holes in the barrel, anyway.

KEVIN: Whoa, whoa. What's that for?
TOMMY: Strip down.
KEVIN: What?
TOMMY: Take off your clothes, Kevin.

TOMMY: Hold his ankles.
KEVIN: Tommy.
TOMMY: Do it, Kevin.
(KEVIN runs to the car and vomits.)
TOMMY: Come on, Kevin.
KEVIN: I can't.

KEVIN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't help over there. I don't know what happened to me. It's just like... I started shaking and everything went dark.
TOMMY: Not now, Kevin.
KEVIN: What I'm trying to tell you is it was just like... like I didn't have any control. And my hands and my legs...
TOMMY: Kevin, I'm not really interested in how you feel about what happened here. Please just shut the hell up.

TOMMY: Did you take anything out of that bag?
KEVIN: No. [...] What are you doing?
TOMMY: Counting the money.
KEVIN: We gotta get out of here. You don't believe me, why'd you even ask, huh?
TOMMY: I wanna see if you were lying to me.
KEVIN: All right, fine! I took some money, okay? But only enough to bail Jimmy out.
TOMMY: What a great idea. I turn myself inside out to get him into jail, to rehab so that he won't be killed or kill himself, and you're gonna bail him out?
KEVIN: We're his brothers. He's sick, he needs us.
TOMMY: I'm helping him.
KEVIN: No one gets help in there. If you'd ever been in there you'd know that.
TOMMY: Give me the money, Kevin.
KEVIN: No, it's not your money, all right? It was Jimmy's idea, you didn't want any part of it.
TOMMY: Give me the money.
KEVIN: I'm keeping it, all right? It's my cut, I can do with it what I want.
TOMMY: There is no cut, don't you understand that? This is ransom money, and the Italians know who they paid it to. You want a chance of living, we gotta give it back.
KEVIN: Give it back, Tommy? This is part of your big plan to make everything right? Tommy, Louie is dead! If they wanna kill us for that, giving back the money is not gonna change anything.
TOMMY: Nobody knows Louie's dead. The only people who knew were Huey and Sal.
KEVIN: So what, they're gonna think he went on a vacation?
TOMMY: He's a low-level bookie. Nobody cared about him but Sal, because he was his nephew. Nobody's gonna care. What they're gonna care about is that money. And we're giving it back.
TOMMY: Go ahead, Kevin. You're right, I'm the one trying to hurt Jimmy. Shoot me. Pull the trigger. Come on, Kevin, pull the trigger.

TOMMY: Get out of here, Kevin.
KEVIN: Here?
TOMMY: Yeah. Go home. You been up for two days. Get some sleep.
KEVIN: You coming?
TOMMY: Get out, Kevin.
KEVIN: (holds out the gun) Tommy.
TOMMY: Not gonna need it. Go home. I'll be there in a couple hours.
KEVIN: No, you won't.

TOMMY: What the hell are you doing here?
KEVIN: I'm too tired to sleep.
TOMMY: Stay put.
KEVIN: Whatever you say.
TOMMY: I mean it. I'll be back in a minute.
KEVIN: I'll be here. Anything happens, I'll be here.

KEVIN: How'd it go?
TOMMY: Like it went. What the hell's Joey Ice Cream doing here?
KEVIN: I have no idea.
JOEY V.O.: We were that tight. They never took a step without me.

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(Deleted comment)
I know, but then and there it made total sense lol. I'm really amazed how Tommy could stay sane with all that guilt.

Before the official cancellation Kate Mulgrew said that she'll be back for next season so I guess Ma Donnelly would have survived. At least this is what I want to believe cuz if she dies there's really nothing that can hold back her sons from the dark side.

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