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You're really good with descriptions and narrating. Do you write, or something? :P

Exactly, yes, Dean was every mom's dream daughter-boyfriend, all together, not just a first one. He was polite, sweet and not malicious at all. But sadly, he was boring as hell. You could also easily tell he wasn't that much compatible in class with Rory. But then again, so wasn't Jess. But Jess had that bad boy intrigue about him, that every girl craves for. Conveniently enough he also possessed wit and subtle tenderness, like you said, he showed Rory a side no one knows about. Yep, Rory was totally describing Jess in that scene. She was all starry eyed and dreamy as she narrated that spot on monologue, wasn't she?

Oh yes, their chemistry was so natural. Definitely not acting at all. Ah, it's sad that they're no longer together, right? They just looked SO pretty together. Do you know why they called it quits?

Haha, the picnic episode was hilarious. Dean's jealousy was so absurd, wasn't it? The whole towering over Jess thing was always amusing. :P

Hehe, what commercial was that? I'm curious to know. :P

Absolutely, Deadwood is instant classic. Isn't Carl's voice just so damn sexy in it? Ah, he's lovely. Ah, it's really hard to choose a favourite from this flawless album, but for questions sake, I'll go with Bang bang you're dead, simply cos, it's a DPT landmark, and also, it's amazing live. Judging from the live gigs I saw of it. Btw, if you need any videos, gigs, interviews, or anything. Let me know, I know a place! ;)

You're welcome. I urge you to check'em out. You won't be disappointed, hopefully. :)

No, sadly, I've never watched Across the universe. But I know that cute actor from the movie 21. :P Seeing as how your layout is filled with ATU goodies, you'd recommend it? :P

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