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I just don't understand why does Kate say things about me like that. It's not like she really knows me. We never had a long, meaningful convo. And it's probably true that I don't get close to everyone right away but it doesn't mean I'm not friendly. I just need a little time to get to know a person so I can trust them. But I can get close to people! I have some pretty amazing online friends who I'm really close to.
If you changed your mind about being friends, then unfriend me. I understand.

Katie and I are incredibly close and I love her but she does tend to get a little pushy when it comes to people and we were talking about our favorite icon makers Ever and I told her you and i were friends and she just told me all that, i guess she thinks I'm too sweet and wanna get close to everyone and I said you were nice and couldn't wait to get to know you.

I know what you're saying here,There are some people I am friends with that I can trust more than anything and some I like but don't trust as much so i get it.

I don't wanna unfriend you, I want to keep you on my friends list and get closer to you, Get to know you so I'm sorry for upsettnig you *hugs*

Sorry that was me, forgot to log in again LOL

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