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Alexis {actress} ♥ like an
* do not add me first
* comment here if you'd like to be friends

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I would like to be your friend because I really love Gilmore Girls & your creations. I know my creations isn't really splendid but... I try to improve ^^ (Sorry but i'm french so...) & I'd like to know : How did you do your header ? Because i don't know how we can put on.

Sorry I'm only replying now. I kind of forgot about this message. I'm gonna add you. Go ahead and add me back. GG rocks!
About the header: I really suck at html coding so I got help with putting it up mine. I wish I could help you. Maybe try and ask someone who's good with html. I hope you'll manage to put up a nice header. :)

Thank's for everything ;) & Ok I add you :)

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