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Alexis {actress} ♥ like an
* do not add me first
* comment here if you'd like to be friends

twitter x tumblr x x fanforum

hai ther!
i like 30stm and gossip girl:)
and u may know me from tumblr, i'm girlwith2guns there.
let's be friends :P

Hiii!! I'm gonna add you back in a second. (I absolutely adore your graphics!!)
I kinda stopped watching Gossip Girl at the beginning of S3 but I do love 30stm, so that we have in common for sure.
Also, I'm not too active at LJ at the moment but that's gonna change next week. XD

i hardly watched 3d season to the end, it started to suck a lot D:
gonna add u back!

(Deleted comment)
Hi, yes I am. Although I'm not all that active here at LJ anymore. I hang around more at tumblr when I have time.
Thanks for commenting, though I think I already added you back a while ago. Is that right?

I'd love to friend you for the simple fact that you love The Black Donnellys alone. However, I discovered we had two other shows in common too: Friends & Roswell. Check out my profile and journal and see if you'd like to friend me, as well. Also, note while a lot of my challenges in different communities are unlocked, that most of my entries are locked so there's probably more that you won't be able to see until you add me.


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