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Alexis {actress} ♥ like an
* do not add me first
* comment here if you'd like to be friends

twitter x tumblr x x fanforum

I've read your livejournal very often, but I'm not on a lot. I just want to see your icons and picspams becuase i think they rock. hope that you add me.

If you're only interested in my icons/graphics, then go and join push_the_river cuz that's where I'm gonna post them now. But if you think we have things in common and would like to get to know me better, we can be friends. :)

Hey, I'm Tara. I've seen you around ff a bit.
We've got a lot of things in common like btvs, gossip girl, twilight, Hilarie, Joy, Chad and mainly oth!
I've been meaning to leave a comment here for a while, but I get kinda nervous leaving comments like this. lol I hope you don't think I'm too weird.
Anyway you seem like a nice, fun person.
Friends? =)

I add you. :)
What's your username on FF?

YAY for friends only! (: ♥

It was about time. XD
Are you free on Monday night (well afternoon for you I guess lol)? MSN party?

hey! I'm a gib fan of your icons - have seen a lot of them from FanForums. Add me? =)

I'm not gonna post my icons here anymore and all the picspam entries will be public so if you're only interested in my graphics you don't need to friend my personal journal. Though if you'd like to get to know me better, I'll add you. :)

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It's c0pperboom from fanforum!!
Add me!! :)

I would like to be your friend because I really love Gilmore Girls & your creations. I know my creations isn't really splendid but... I try to improve ^^ (Sorry but i'm french so...) & I'd like to know : How did you do your header ? Because i don't know how we can put on.

Sorry I'm only replying now. I kind of forgot about this message. I'm gonna add you. Go ahead and add me back. GG rocks!
About the header: I really suck at html coding so I got help with putting it up mine. I wish I could help you. Maybe try and ask someone who's good with html. I hope you'll manage to put up a nice header. :)

Hey, I adore your icons and that Rory and Jess picspam was incredible! Thanks for doing that. I'd like to add you, if that's ok! :)

Oh, thanks! Gonna add you right now. Go ahead and add me back. :)

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(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Hey Bia, it's Paul from FF. I'd like to be added if that's ok :)

i'm on your f-list with my old journal and i really love your artwork, so i was wondering if you would like to add me again?

Yeah, sure. Add me back. :)

i've add you a long time ago without your permission :s
i'm so sorry.
so i wanted to tell you, that i love your art ♥
add me ?

szija, épp nézelődtem mikor rád bukkantam és megnéztem a profilod... annyira nem közös az érdeklődésünk de attól még lehet h jól kijönnénk, dumálnánk
na leszünk barátok? ;)

Persze. :)
Magyarok mindig előnyben vannak, mivel nem sokkal találkozni LJ-n.

bár mintha mostanában nem nagyon lettél volna fenn, de ha esetleg gondolod, szívesen látnálak az f-listemen.

huh, tényleg nem nagyon voltam mostanság de te ezt honnan tudod? ijesztő! XD
és persze, lehetünk barátok. :D

You are Coccy right? Add me please!

Nope, I'm not who you're looking for. Go here: _coccy_ . :)

Anyone who likes Chuck/Blair & LP has to be awesome. Friends? :D

Sure! Though I don't watch OTH anymore but I still love oldschool!LP. And I'm seriously thinking about quit watching GG too. The last few eps really bored me.

Hello, I found your journal via 'Gilmore girls' interest, and would love to add you. I don't have any Gilmore Girls friends, and I'm absolutely obsessed with that show. Oh, and I'm a Rory/Jess girl as well. :)

GG/RJ fans are always welcomed!!! Gonna add you. Looking forward to get to know you. :D

Gilmore Girls and Beatles? That should be more than enough reason to be friends.

Cool! Just added you. Add me back, please. :D


I'd like to personally invite you to a new stamping community for the show, One Tree Hill.

onetree_stamps onetree_stamps onetree_stamps onetree_stamps

We'd love to see you there! Thank you!

Hello, evek ota nem beszeltunk...hogy vagy???


Wow, tényleg te vagy az vagy csak kápráznak a szemeim? Ezer éve nem láttalak sehol a neten és pont pár hete vettelek le a f-listámról, mert nem gondoltam, hogy még mindig megfordulsz errefelé. De már szégyellem magam és most azonnal visszaadlak.
Én megvagyok, köszi. Élem unalmas életem. XD
Veled mizu? Hogy megy a fősuli? Magyarországon vagy még vagy esetleg külföldről írsz? Ha itt vagy, egyszer összefuthatnánk a közeljövőben. :D


I'd like to become one of your friends, we both like literati, chuck and blair, Across the Universe <3...

Sorry for the late reply. Go ahead and add me. :)

bb it's saving catwalk, can you add my new account ? : D

it's not a new friend request, it's just me :P
I just saw Jonathan Tucker on White Collar (ep.109) and remembered you like him, so I thought I'd let you know ;)

Edited at 2010-01-21 12:00 am (UTC)

Heeey! *hugs*
Yeah, I've heard about it that he guest stars in the new episode but I don't watch that show. Is it a good show? Should I start watching it?

Hello! I don't know if you remember me, you sent me a PM last week! I'm a friend of deadwoodlightly! I will answer your PM very soon. I was out of town this week so I couldn't I'm sorry for that dear!
And yes I would love to add you too!
(btw I adore your icon!)

YAY! Going to add you. Add me back, please. :D
Can't wait your PM. I'm really excited what you have to say about the movie. XD
(Thanks! I love yours, too!!)

Hey. *waves* It's Sue from the Alexis fan forums. Mind adding me? I don't bite. ... Often. XD

Of course I add you. :D
Add me back, please!

so sorry, I went ahead and added you before i saw this but i wanted to add you because we seem to have the same interests. I'm a HUGE fan of Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls and Jess Mariano. My all time favorite scene is the fight/kiss part between Lorelai and Luke.

Don't worry, it's ok. Thanks for commenting!! Gonna add you back! :D


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